Business Plan

Working Income

Binary 10% and Direct 6%

Capping Details

2500- 3000

5000- 6000

10,000- 12000

20,000- 25,000

40,000- 50,000

90,000- 1,00,000

2,00,000- 2,50,000

Terms & Conditions

Roi and Booster will be deliver till 200 days

Id upgrade and booster activation time limit is 18 days.

Roi and Booster will be deliver from Monday to Friday.

To activate Booster you need two directs of any amount.

Minimum Payout is Rs 100 (Daily auto withdrawal).

Payout will be deliver same day to your bank account.

TDS 15% deduction on binary and direct and no deduction on Roi.

To activate binary you need two directs and after that 1:1 ratio till unlimited depth.

Binary closing will be on daily basis at midnight.